Thursday, 23 July 2015


Why thou pine for Penelope,
When Calypso, thy love, sings soulful notes?
In tune with weaving on her loom
‘Wine and dine’ and grieve not
As long as thou stay by me here
‘Tis too short to breathe long
Go and shake thy legs in midst of nubile gals
Forget the past around a blazing fire
High upon a hill top against the bay
At the mouth of a dark cave
Which go mesmerizing the passers-by
To die for a merry-go-round.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


A roaring thunder heard
With a new lightning flash
An azure sky opens up
For all thy delight, yet
A Delphic oracle to thy surprise
Remember, how thou, once
Bewitched by thy maiden
Cydippe, a svelte Athenian
At the temple Delos
Amidst the hanging flowers
Sprinkling perfumes all thy path
A sweet, gentle breeze
Lifts thee for a touching treat
An apple being set to roll down
The smitten eyes not fail to catch up
At the very close of my feet
‘I swear by Artemis
That I will marry
Acontius’, it goes
A solemn, thus declared
How foxy thy role played
In the game of life,
Where the trapping of hearts
Be the custom of the young.

Thursday, 2 July 2015


Why ‘re thee like Sisyphus
Rolling a rock to the top
Of a hill non-stop?
Would it not be alluring
To see the low-hanging fruits?
Water recedes at thy thirst
And fruits climb up, when hungry
Why are thee in a lake?
The world, where the wickeds rot,
Gather thy spirit
And ask the Gods for reason
What mistake is thine
To steal the manna for the world?
There were feasts while thy meet,
There were secrets at thy greet,
Let them not punish thee in thy court
For the undaunted spirit
To help and be helped,
Where a real joy stays in.