Monday, 28 April 2014

Epistle to Mr. Adam

Tut-tut, ‘Tis raining out
My pulses racing to peep thro’ the door
Oh sir, why ye have a doubt
All b’ause of Eve’s anxiety to explore
Come hell or high water
‘Tis our duty to mint, they say
Pay the price for being a daughter
If not, go out; there’s no way
‘Dumb to watch when money speaks’
‘Let the emotions stand mute to barter’;
Curse thy coat and don’t seek
In order to win the badge of honour
No dearth of talking snakes
Slithering everywhere to entice
‘No more gullible’, my heart aches
‘To win or to lose’ in a game of dice
Sir, if ye were not so meek to accept
If Eve were not dared to disobey
We never fight in Eden and expect
A new world order to give way.

Friday, 18 April 2014


O pardon me – I’m in a hurry
Ye ask me the cause and cure for your worry
I ‘ve reasons aplenty at my portal
To give and share as a mortal
‘T was a despicable act
To avert a gem of a person in fact
‘An erudite, yet rude and cheeky’
No, ‘a thumbs up’ was so creepy,
‘How else could I reach’, you may ask
Be in my shoes to know the task
Ye ‘ve reasons galore my knight,
Will you come hither to share and write?
‘T is too short to lament
Blessed to say ‘no’ for an argument
Don’t hang on to the custom
That age brings (you) wisdom

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Wear a detached cloak
As it’s zero hour
The cowl doesn’t make
The monk, yet be as
Gentle as Tom C. Owen
While addressing the public
Don’t stand on sentiments
Yet, Nicole’ll come to
Your rescue at odd hours
Arrogance, damn it,
Thy name is Norman
A rose is a rose is a rose
Say ‘no’ to emotional
Dalliances, my Rostislav
Shit to be smitten with
Darwin, my arm candy
Go spiritualistic to
Call thee as Shankar
No more wish, I’ve
To be a toy in hand
It’s a clarion call
Come hither, if you
Want to know, what
Is in my heart?

Thursday, 10 April 2014


It’s a jungle
Even the monkeys
Will fall, yet
Try your luck
It’s a black and
Gold python, 17
Feet long, 200$,
Christened as Darwin
A photo-op to
Kiss and hug,
Venture into the
Mystery to taste
The forbidden fruit
Nobody knows
What’s in and out
Time runs out
To make a mockery of
Don’t go gentle
Into a stasis
Beauty lies not
In calling a spade
A spade, but
In keeping the
Mystery till the end
Both pain and
Pleasure ’ll teach
You, what’s life
Find pleasure in
Pain and pain in
Pleasure, if you
Want to know more.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Will you?

Hurry with the sticks!
It is tiger, tiger, tiger
A distress call from a boy
A duty calls to save him
It’s a mischievous act
A thrill, it’s to notice
How people react to for a cry
How a paleface gets flushed
Oh, look at the cool guy
Giggling from a treetop
His cries go unanswered
When he meets a tiger
It’s a lesson that
All turn a deaf ear
To a truth, when
It comes from a liar

Saturday, 5 April 2014

April 1

It’s time to shout
Hip! Hip! Hurray!
As we stand in circle
To laugh and to highfive
Fair or dark and
Smart or ugly,
Tall or short and
Skinny or brawny,
You, a mortal here
Any barometer ‘ve you here!
Are we made for
Grimacing or salivating?
It’s too precious to tarry
Variety’s the spice,
No brickbats, no bouquets
Let the Last Judgment
Paint a portrait on
Be proud to know
That there’s no superior
Or inferior here, as
It’s nobody’s world.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

My Eye Candy

A voice calls me
It sends a soulful plea
A real fun, it’s to see
When I want to drink
It’s swept up in the Vortex
When I try to blow, yet
It comes and laughs
As if to say ‘you ‘re a fool’
Sure, it’s not of one demon’s
As I’ve read in fables
It’s so rosy in defying
Alas! Very small eyes
Try to whisper words
And a wee bit tiny, yet
A real surprise, it’s
To see time and again
Wait till I catch
A glimpse of to say more.