Monday, 31 March 2014

Testing Times

It’s an acid test
And I’m ready for
Till you get tired of
You ‘re right to test the water
Is it oral or written?
How many ‘re ahead of?
It’s your chance to test,
And here’s my ID.,

It’s a litmus test
And I’m ready for
Until you feel safe at heart
It’s not a time to test
Yet better check my hall ticket
It’s your turn to test
I’ll stand the test of time
Whether it is winning or losing.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Thy blood calls
My tears, Oh, dog!
Why you fight
For nobody’s sake,
A sentimental fool
You may utter
And you are right
I’m not a
Chameleon to go
For a colour change
Yet I long for
An approved love
From all quarters
Is it a mistake
To go weak
On others’s misery?
‘walk on a trodden
Path’, a voice echoes
Be it my way
Or the high way
Don’t spit on for
Being a village lass
It’s always safety first
And comfort next
When there’s a
Fight between the
Brain and heart
Neither weak to cry
Nor strong to risk
I’m not alien
But indeed human.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Hide and Seek

A question that
Nags you, when
You go hither
Or thither, when
You sleep or
In waking hours
Throughout the day
Indeed, let me ask
A question, which
Disturbs you, is
Whether it’s
True or false?
Haven’t you heard
So far that
Nobody dies of
On earth with
White lies? I guess
It’s a fashion
It plays often
In your world
And so why you
Waste time to
Go hither or thither
To know the
Truth behind
The curtain, as
It’s time now
To explore and say
Who you are!!!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

To 'My Lord'

`Bingo!’ makes a call
A quick run, it’s
For a jackpot
When Tornado
Spreads her wings
To play magic
In my sky
It’s yet another
Game, where
There’s no need
For cards
Or for figurines
A clown will be
Thy name –
In other’s eyes
To go along
With the soldiers
For cordoning
Off the fort,
With all your
Troops to declare
Or to pass a decree
All you need
To do is,
Just a smile
And of course
A friendly nod,
It’s yet another
Game, where
Emotions play
A part, in which
Merry be thy news,
When a real life
Drama goes
On stage, when
Others go crazy
With the story…..

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My Destiny

It’s your destiny
That you spoke
In English
In full public view

It’s your pride
To untie a
In your world

It’s a mistake
That you are
So innocent
To trust me

It’s wrong
That you have come
To my house
For justice

It’s not right
If you want
To write
How you feel

I’m lucky
That I’m
So powerful
To trap you

Trust me that
This is not me
It’s you
All b’cos of
Your mistake
If not
Why you were
Born here.

Saturday, 1 March 2014

To be or not to be

Is it the lipstick? Or
The shades of mascara,
The curl on thy top and
It’s hide and seek on forehead
Cascading hair on back
A mole on thy neck
Chapped lips beg to be licked
The way you dress up-
Modern or ancient
I know not
Let me curse thy attitude
Bold in thy voice and
Sweet in thy talk
It’s not your fault
Let Him face the wrath
Hark, it’s dark
A line, you shouldn’t cross
Patriarchal, we are
Where, you should smile
But not laugh,
You may talk, but
We don’t hear,
Learn and not speak
Teach but not preach
‘know, where you are
No safe to stay, as you are
Here, you have
No choice to make and
No route to take
Be happy you fairy,
A ‘pepper spray’ you carry
Go as far as you can
To live as long as you can
It’s the fate of your design
Yet it’s not so easy as to resign.