Friday, 21 February 2014

Bye Bye Tears

Don’t cry…
It’s a way
To know you,
It’s a thrill
To see, how you cry,

Don’t cry…
You are a
Destiny’s child,
For I have
Money to buy,

Don’t cry…
To be a part
Of a fool’s show,
Be happy that
You are safe
In a dragon’s hand,

Don’t cry…
For a wolf
In sheep’s clothing and
For a jigsaw puzzle
In your life,

Don’t cry….
For the thunder and
Lightning in your sky
Not to bring
Showers for your cry

Don’t cry…
For it’s not
Your mistake
Please do cry
Till you are
Left so dry

Don’t cry –
It’s a way
Of the world, yet
There’s a call
From a new world,
That you are not
Made to cry
For you have
Magic in your eyes,

Sorry, I won’t say
Don’t cry –
For, now, I know
It’s not a cry
To turn heads off
It’s indeed

A call for a joyride

Monday, 17 February 2014

20 + 30 = 50

A miracle is
Your healing touch
Thank you, Mom,

Use my eyes
To know my heart
It’s you, my friend,

Inspiration, I get
To live and let live
It’s great, my love,

Fort is under siege,
Let me know –
Who are you?

Privacy is on discount sales,
May I now –
Who are you?

Buy one, get one free,
Please tell me –
Who are you?

Life’s your play ground
Let me know –
Who are you?

Laugh at the principles,
May I know –
Who are you?

Exchange offer in supermarket,
Please tell me –
Who are you?

Hold the key for ‘Do or Die’ battle,
I grow restless to know
Who are you?

Have you the answer for all?
Let me tell you, now,
Who I am.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Miss Ye My love – Happy V-Day

Valetine's Day
Sorry, you know not,
How painful it’s!
To see ye with a white devil,
Heart cries, when you do
A juggling act to woo…..
Ye don’t fit to fiddle
As ye say, ‘no’ to (crocodile) tears
‘Say Cheese’, to ambiguity
It’s photo opportunity
No caste and no cash, where
Emotions take a toll on
It’s time to shake hands
And throw a smile at
Who laugh at your fret & fume
Wiggle thro' the crowd
To make a unique path
In which, virtue ‘ll be thy view
No more lonely ye fear
A new journey is so near
Wing’d chariot hurrying here
It’d be a surprise, ye dear,
Bye to the past with a sigh
Hello, you should feel so high
Lo and behold, three cheers
Beeps at ye so close to tears

Monday, 10 February 2014

Oh! My Love - Happy V-Day

Mind disobeys my brain
Hands and legs choose two ways
Eyes stare at an empty air
Lips talk in a husky tone
Oh, no, nothing I hear
Ye know, how light it’s
To float like a balloon
Still, ye see me so closer
No drug, no drinks, yet
Why is it to feel so drunk?
Talk, laugh and laugh, talk
Wake till the ghosts’ call
Throat and tongue cry for water
Solace sought in licking lips
No tears, no fear
No stress and no sweat
Hark, here’s your Prince charming
Voice, I hear to look back
Tall, macho, Dark
Yet handsome, ye ‘r
Long grown frizzy hair
Snakes – decorated neck
A conch-shell in left
Trident on to your right
Right leg folded and
Left leg hangs down
On the hill top, ye smile
Is it a dream or real?
Ye, Shankar, my love
No bold to see thee eye to eye
Elated, yet no word to lips
Eyes stuck to the long toes
Oh, no exit to my passion
Yet, thrill it’s, to love
And to be loved,
What’s in a name –
Be it God or Human,
See God in Human
And human in God
But Love is true
Till ye feel so deep in heart.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

To my friend

Any mirror ye ‘ve
To show how I feel for ye
Sleepless, I’m left
Not to part from
Ev’n for a second,

Your name, I hear
In the throb of my blood
As a manthra,
Wherever the eyes wand’r
Sorry, ye vanish
At a closer glance,
In my lonely hour, I seek
A pillar, oh shit
Wh’re ‘r ye?
Uf, I cry my heartout
When a door is shut,
Ye know not how ‘t pain’d,
Blind, I turn to be
Ev’n if ye ‘r dark & ….
Deaf, I go
To the voice of the world,
Mute, I’ll stand
In front of ye
Lifeless, I become
At your distance,
Give your heart to none
For, I’ve no
Home to stay,
No more shy, I’ll be
To share and ‘njoy –
Soppy, sobbing tales
Tensed, dreadful hours
Likes or dislikes,
A time, I long for
To break the mask,
And shout full-throated –
‘Together we ‘r ‘
At a dawn, when
Earth stops rolling
All stand frozen
Birds stay static

Wow, a nice shot for a camera.