Monday, 27 January 2014

On Marriages

A graveyard shift for mother-in-law,
To crucify the noveau Princess

A welcome breather for father-in-law
From the vice like grip of the First Lady

A sigh of relief for Mother and Father
To see their angel settle down

A battle to be won for the Princess
To shoot the arrow and grab her status

A play ground for the Prince
To catapult to fame overnight

Changing scenario
Targeting from all quarters….
Dining, whining
Nit-picking, networking
Betting, abetting
Plotting, trapping
Cursing, crying and
Howling, growling….

An uphill task for the Judge
To iron out the wrinkles bet' the couples

Mystery for the winner

Mental agony for the loser….

The crow and the Squirrel

Ye perch on the wall
Pick out the mound of rice
Together in whorls of smoke
Hark, a beholding sight,
Ye munching morsel
With a dauntless spirit
Chiding crows for more
Scurrying quick & hover
In a fright to sit confound’d
Not wanting to risk
Fly soon with a mouthful
For a safe haven, where
Enemies fear to tread
No tussle & no shuffle
An umbrella identity
Teaches unity

Sunday, 19 January 2014

In Drag

Uh! No control on my shaking legs to the drums,
The bangles of my new wife chime to distract
The rhyming anklets does accord with toe-ring’s music
A gravitational pull, I’ve to preen me in the mirror
It’s time to check my kajal smudged eyes and lipstick
Do the T-shirt and jeans play a jealous spoilsport?
Look at the saree-clad glam dolls and the earrings
Let me help die down my voice suggesting fripperies.

A dejected mute spectator, I’m
Uf, I feel fettered all around
An affected accent to impress,
A carefully premeditated gesture and posture
‘Mustache and stubble’ to mock the world
A clinically detached hubby’s role on earth
All the world’s a stage, Shakespeare says,

Am I right or wrong I know not.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

A Damsel in Distress

A cool shimmering moon in the sky
Waxes and wanes day by day
Thunder and lightning during monsoon
Add gusto to the gloomy day
The swaying creepers and the rustling leaves
Dance in sync with the smitten breeze
A whiff of a blooming bud –
Mesmerizes ye to forget the miasma
The placid waters on the sea
Advance or retreat incessantly
A bejeweled goddess in shrine –
Speaks not but grants
A fruit-laden tree in woods
Wants not a favor in return
The gurgling river across the states
Changes the parched earth into fertile
Ye, damsel with the broken wings

Come hither to see a rainbow in the world.