Thursday, 7 August 2014

Genghis Khan


Dark sky retreats,
When the sun smiles
With golden wings
Lonely Kherlen murmurs
On the hooves of horses
Armor-clad men
With folded fists
And closed eyes
Call Tengri on lips –
‘A man from the sky’
Roars on horseback
‘No more delay guys’
For the battle of Wushabao
Stand on hind legs
Raising the front hooves
Neighs of horses heard of
Uf! It’s a journey
Thro’ jungle and
Blurred in dust till
They leave a trail,
Beat of the drums
Stokes fire in hearts
Of the dauntless
‘To begin thy history’
With the Jin armies
Swords clash and
Break peace everywhere
A few fly in air
Tumbling down those
Who are lost here?
The advancing troops
Feeling full numb
To tread on bodies
Strewn on ground
‘Victory’ is the chanting
The rest turns a deaf ear
Paying no heed to the
Blood oozing from wound
A robotic move, indeed,
Towards the enemy
‘Make a pincer move’
‘Attack’ from right wing,
A command unleashes
Volleys of arrows
A tough battle
A win-win is called for
Countless men confront on both
Hark, Siege on left
And land thy flag
Celebrate the win
For the Renaissance to come.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

To Ms. Thisbe

Fingers run thro’ nerves
To know of love in thy pulse
Pyramus, they chant in full
Come and talk on thy side
Thro’ a crevice in the wall
Stumbling blocks on the way warn:
Not to grumble and crawl
Love doth have the wonder
To chisel and throw with one go
Verbal volleys ‘re flown everywhere –
Teach thy ears not to bend,
What a crime, they see, in exchanging eyes?
Uf! How a dispute is playing havoc!
Finding fault with the locked souls
Hark! How they turn red-faced
Hearing us talk this way,
Meet and greet by a Mulberry tree
Before the sunset and the Moonrise,
Near the tomb of king Ninus
Outside the city gates, where
Thou start thy journey thro’
The streets of Babylon on tiptoe,
Heavily-veiled to escape the hands
For learning and exploring more on life.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

King David


King David (1005 – 965 BC) sent his army to wage war against the Ammonities, a tribe from a region east of the Dead Sea and he stayed behind in Jerusalem for wooing Bathsheeba. Against the backdrop of the war, the following scene takes place.

Bathsheeba, my dear mirror,
Don’t singe the heart with thy sunny locks
Call the moon to caress the burnt soul
Oh, ‘no’ to the magic in thy lips
Is it fair to hypnotise with thy look?
See, how I float in water very light
Hark! Flying high like a lark
It ‘s ‘maya’, they say
To catch a fish with a hook
No more rage or bitterness
When will thou shed thy skin?
And let me see thy colour
A trance, in deed, that nothing can penetrate
Why do thou cast a glance at?
See, how the lips lost control and sing
A war, a war, a war
Come hither to wage a war!
In my heart with thy eyes
Neither a king nor a husband
A friend to call thee
A mural on the wall
Or a sculpture on the mall
An everlasting symbol
To live long in the hearts
Of all in the annals of history

Monday, 28 July 2014


A cloud of dust billows up in air
As hooves of the horses beating the ground
A horse neighs with his head high
Echoing in the ears of the Princes
On horses, dressed in colourful robes
With a turban and sword
Marching to the Fort of Kannauj
A festive air cheers them all
And it’s the King Jaichand’s call
For his daughter’s swayamvaram
In a beautiful palace, where
The princes wait for their turn
Smitten Samyukta, sashays thro’ the door
Holding a garland in her arms
Lo! her eyes gleam at the statue
Stands tall near the door
Exuding confidence and chivalry
A surprise, indeed, for the eyes
Of those, who follow her so close
When her garland falls on
And Prithvi catches her up in arms
They fly thro’ the air like a storm
It’s about love born in eyes
And entrenched deep in heart
Which sweeps thro’ the hearts in history.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Mr. Simian

Going up the tree
One by one
At a slow pace
Yet an active air
Big and small
Tall and short
A spitting image of man
But with a tail
On thy back
Alas! Half-eaten
Mangoes dropped under
And jumping to the next
In a jiffy,
‘Kurkure’ and ‘spice mixture’
From the back
Of the house
Call thy attention
At their leisure
Spilling hither and thither
While running for cover
When chased at-
Disappointed for sure
At thy grimace on top,
Curiosity beckons thee
To open the tap
In the garden
Run on toes hearing
The water down,
Fun to watch thee on
The water tank
Frolicking with each other
And the tussle with the young
Throwing water everywhere,
At dawn, like a circus swinger
Hanging on a cable
From house to house
And a dance in tune with
Moving buses on road
A real treat for all
The eyes, who follow on
At thy each step.

Thursday, 26 June 2014


An isolated Ashoka
Huge, in fact, with branches
Mesmerizes ye all
To bathe in fragrances
And a red-hued flowers
Indeed a feast for all
A gentle breeze caressing
Both thy body and soul
No wonder, it’s but serene
Whirr…., a sudden whirlwind
Tossing them up and down
A panic-stricken few
Make a pell-mell dash for cover
Wow, it’s Hanuman
Jumping down to Our Sita
Who is mourning under –
Ram, Ram chanting
Sweep through hearts
Is it a trick by Ravana?
No more mystery it’s !
When Hanuman unlocks
The knots one after the other
Oh, how sad! How painful it’s!
To see a rainbow hue
Yet a glint of surprise in eyes
“My Rama’s Kanayazhi”
A chant takes a toll
The voice of Rama heard
A hope of rescue to come
“Chudamani” is thy message
“Till I reach my God”
Tears choked her voice
Thus she bids thee all.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014


Cooing cuckoo calls
It’s dawn indeed for all
No more sleep now
See thro’ the window
How nice it’s … !
With the golden locks
And red-hued spots
Is’t a magic carpet?
Oh, ye march in the sky
When breeze makes Her way
The whiff of past in air
Uf! No more sleep now
Ye ‘re a furnace
To singe our hearts
Brain can’t move fast
Body cries feeling thy wrath
Why ye spit flames so hot?
When Prometheus is not here
To champion a cause
No more sleep now
When will ye hear us?

Monday, 16 June 2014


Tulip, lily, lavender
Daffodil and rose or
Cedar, eucalyptus,
Sandal spread in air
Sky-high forts and
The birds’ rainbow
Deer, fox, kangaroo,
Elephant or zebra
Know not what to choose?
Or what not to… ?
Mango, orange
Grapes or Cherry
Hi, so delicious
To see and taste
Live, dance, sing
In rain, in hot sun
Or in whirlwind
To be a flower,
A creeper or a
Bee to suck
And give honey
Know not what to choose?
Or what not to…?
To be a macho man,
Or a sweet woman
Or be both in one
An innocent kid,
A playful youth
Or a grey-haired
To sigh and recall
To enjoy and share
The fun or fight
Groan or moan
Cry, scold, love
Laugh or talk
Know not what to choose?
Or what not to…?
Ye ‘re the root
Of all evil, yet
The irony is to see
The right and wrong
Empty we stand
If we leave thee here.

Monday, 2 June 2014

Magic Bowl

Don’t seek here for a morsel
Sorry, it’s dry, dear squirrel
At the back of the garden
Sitting high on the wall sighing
Left ‘high and dry’ with no food
For the master ‘s on leave
Ye, crows, go else where
Don’t know about Him and
His whereabouts, ye dear
Gone ‘re those days, when
Called me as ‘a bowl of plenty’
Now left uncared for:
For the master ‘s on leave
Lonely wait here sighing
Will ye come here crying?
Ye, the father of three
Bye, bye, please take care.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Gare ‘a toi’!

Hi, tell me, why ye roar in the jungle
While roaming around for thy prey?
At dark and stormy night
When none dares to bray

Hi, tell me, why ye roar in the jungle
Till the animals make their way?
And the cubs too roar by a den
To celebrate a feast day

‘T is indeed tough to be a man
To live in an endless strife
When ‘t billows up in air
In the garb of a spiritual life

‘Meet and greet’ in the battle ground
‘Name and fame’ may throw ye down
No more wish ye seek out here
But to barter the fertile for a ghost town

Skyscrapers call thy attention
And welcome thee to the Cannes Festival
An irony for the slumdog Millionaire
To spread a message at the interval

Hence the reason, why I’m here
Laughing and ‘njoying my state
At dark and stormy night
When none dares to debate.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Ode to a Child

Oh, baby! ‘T is a surprise
That with a cry, ye call me: nice,
Ages may steal thy innocence
‘T will be due to a bitter experience
Ah! A chance indeed to pursue
When ye screw up face for a strange few
Why ye keep thy fingers so closed
Nobody knows the fact yet to disclose
No stage or a role, yet we fall into a torpor
‘Lo!’, ‘Tis a babble and smile for God’s murmur

Oh, baby! How ye find thou mom
And hide thy face in the crook of her arm
Why ye chew the corner of her saree
Till it becomes torn to make us feel sorry
Try and try: ‘Tis not time to say bye
Crawl and fall, O, baby don’t feel shy
Call thy mom to start
‘Tis a turn for all to take part
Fight, Fight! Till ye fly thy kite
‘Nev’r give up’, for ‘tis thy right.

Sunday, 4 May 2014

Mr. Bee

A garden at a close quarter
It sends us into a deep torpor
Come hither to feel so light
And float, when an aroma bites
Flit from flower to flower
Buzzing in quest for nector
Why do you flap wings?
To sense the flower in full swing
Violets and yellow shimmer in thy eyes
Bend to welcome thee and no surprise
Waggle dance drives us into a trance
That we don’t want to miss any chance
No wonder, we see you change often
All flowers nev’r wither, when they ‘re untrodden.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Epistle to Mr. Adam

Tut-tut, ‘Tis raining out
My pulses racing to peep thro’ the door
Oh sir, why ye have a doubt
All b’ause of Eve’s anxiety to explore
Come hell or high water
‘Tis our duty to mint, they say
Pay the price for being a daughter
If not, go out; there’s no way
‘Dumb to watch when money speaks’
‘Let the emotions stand mute to barter’;
Curse thy coat and don’t seek
In order to win the badge of honour
No dearth of talking snakes
Slithering everywhere to entice
‘No more gullible’, my heart aches
‘To win or to lose’ in a game of dice
Sir, if ye were not so meek to accept
If Eve were not dared to disobey
We never fight in Eden and expect
A new world order to give way.

Friday, 18 April 2014


O pardon me – I’m in a hurry
Ye ask me the cause and cure for your worry
I ‘ve reasons aplenty at my portal
To give and share as a mortal
‘T was a despicable act
To avert a gem of a person in fact
‘An erudite, yet rude and cheeky’
No, ‘a thumbs up’ was so creepy,
‘How else could I reach’, you may ask
Be in my shoes to know the task
Ye ‘ve reasons galore my knight,
Will you come hither to share and write?
‘T is too short to lament
Blessed to say ‘no’ for an argument
Don’t hang on to the custom
That age brings (you) wisdom

Saturday, 12 April 2014


Wear a detached cloak
As it’s zero hour
The cowl doesn’t make
The monk, yet be as
Gentle as Tom C. Owen
While addressing the public
Don’t stand on sentiments
Yet, Nicole’ll come to
Your rescue at odd hours
Arrogance, damn it,
Thy name is Norman
A rose is a rose is a rose
Say ‘no’ to emotional
Dalliances, my Rostislav
Shit to be smitten with
Darwin, my arm candy
Go spiritualistic to
Call thee as Shankar
No more wish, I’ve
To be a toy in hand
It’s a clarion call
Come hither, if you
Want to know, what
Is in my heart?

Thursday, 10 April 2014


It’s a jungle
Even the monkeys
Will fall, yet
Try your luck
It’s a black and
Gold python, 17
Feet long, 200$,
Christened as Darwin
A photo-op to
Kiss and hug,
Venture into the
Mystery to taste
The forbidden fruit
Nobody knows
What’s in and out
Time runs out
To make a mockery of
Don’t go gentle
Into a stasis
Beauty lies not
In calling a spade
A spade, but
In keeping the
Mystery till the end
Both pain and
Pleasure ’ll teach
You, what’s life
Find pleasure in
Pain and pain in
Pleasure, if you
Want to know more.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Will you?

Hurry with the sticks!
It is tiger, tiger, tiger
A distress call from a boy
A duty calls to save him
It’s a mischievous act
A thrill, it’s to notice
How people react to for a cry
How a paleface gets flushed
Oh, look at the cool guy
Giggling from a treetop
His cries go unanswered
When he meets a tiger
It’s a lesson that
All turn a deaf ear
To a truth, when
It comes from a liar

Saturday, 5 April 2014

April 1

It’s time to shout
Hip! Hip! Hurray!
As we stand in circle
To laugh and to highfive
Fair or dark and
Smart or ugly,
Tall or short and
Skinny or brawny,
You, a mortal here
Any barometer ‘ve you here!
Are we made for
Grimacing or salivating?
It’s too precious to tarry
Variety’s the spice,
No brickbats, no bouquets
Let the Last Judgment
Paint a portrait on
Be proud to know
That there’s no superior
Or inferior here, as
It’s nobody’s world.